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My career goal is to create synergies on management level for a company by combining my extensive experience in IT with the general management know-how acquired through my MBA studies, to move on personally from managing programs to Managing projects, computer languages to business languages.
Nehad Bader



Our Mission is to provide each & every customer of the services with a culinary experience to remember. The heart of our success has always been our customer . Over the years we have built up strong relationships with all clients & service providers & will endeavour to get the best quality & prices for you.... with a wide range of services.

  • Business Process and System Design
  • Project Management Support
  • IT Consultant
  • Web development & programming
  • Professional Photographer
  • Business Consultant
  • Event Caterers
  • Designer



IT management

We realise that electronic instant communication, appropriate IT processing and the right image of clients is important. Our dedicated IT Services department ensures that your IT systems are sufficient to support your business and future plans.
We deliver independent IT consultancy in IT business strategy and development across the following areas:

  • * Business processes with new technology utilisation and awareness

We deliver a tailored IT strategy to meet your business objectives and will subsequently measure the impact of any implemented strategy along the way to determine its performance and return.

* Online presence effectiveness & policy consultancy
We will produce an effective strategy for developing your businesses online presence by assessing all business objectives and then carrying out a complete review of your current online presence noting strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

* IT Integration
IT Business Management lets you centralise management of IT financials, suppliers, and other resources to improve business alignment.

* Personnel assessments & training recommendations
We provide IT Support, IT Managed Services and IT Outsourcing designed for clients with or without an expert IT support function in-house. 



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Nehad Bader

Phone: 07927477765
Email: nehadbader@gmail.com

Location: Hammersmith, London